Teeth Whitening

Brighten Your Smile

You can have a whiter, brighter smile in under 90 minutes! At YVT Medi-spa, Inge Labuschagne specialises in removing teeth stains and treating tooth discoloration with teeth bleaching and teeth whitening that is totally safe, fast and effective.Age and lifestyle can affect our teeth causing tooth stains and teeth discoloration but this can be repaired through our professional Teeth Whitening techniques. Many of our day to day activities can stain and darken our teeth, such as drinking coffee, tea, red wine and cola, and of course smoking. The good news is that professional teeth whitening, can get your smile looking its best.

Qualified Oral Hygenist

As a qualified Oral Hygienist, Inge is specifically trained to identify and assess the dental needs and viability of each individual patient. We specialise in the optimal whitening of teeth, teeth bleaching, and successful maintenance.

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