Thread Lifting

Non-surgical Facelift

Threads have been around for about 30 years as a suture in plastic surgery, cardiology, gynaecology and have now been modified for the aesthetic industry.

Threads use your body’s own reaction to a controlled wound and insertion of foreign thread to stimulate fibroblast production that then produces collagen I and III, elastin, hyaluronic acid and fibrin to give a plumped, tightened and lifted result. It is a minimally invasive technique and can be performed in a half hour to 45 minutes. A topical and localised anaesthesia is given, resulting in minimal pain, only mild discomfort. As it is an invasive procedure that may cause bruising and swelling.

Excellent Results

The threads stay in the skin for periods ranging from 8 months to 24 months but the collagen production lasts for much longer depending on how quickly the body degrades collagen and also how many threads have been inserted.

Threads can be placed as often as required and a treatment plan can be tailored to suit your budget and your needs.

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